Monday, 19 February 2007

Italian Job

Decided it would be fun to make pasta with the kids - dusted off the pasta machine - you know that large box in the back of the cupboard that you promised yourself you would use all the time! The kids really enjoyed it especially the rolling out bit. Rhea wore her pasta with pride on her shoulder (ok she had just had bath and hair wash) Jonny wanted to make spaggetti which turned out to be about 4ft long can't wait to see him suck that up at lunch time! Good time had by all - and Zollie cleaned up even better.

Stewart and I braved a visit to Ikea on Thursday while the kids were at school. We went to get a storage cupboard for the playroom - having purchased an enormous amount of boxes we had to get them in the car - easier said than done. After a little bad language - grumping from Stewart we squeezed them in my poor car. We had to drive home with the threat of instant decapitation if we went around a left hand corner too fast!! Anyway got home safetly - Stewart then leaves for Kuwait leaving me to build my way through 27 boxes - Jonny was a great help and enjoyed handing me the bolts and bits. I will post a picture when I am finished - probably in about 2 years time.

A Trip to Alice Holt

Seeing as Stewart is away in Kuwait this week (good timing Daddy with half term) I am trying to keep the kids amused (and tire them out for bed). We took the bikes up to Alice Holt both Jonny and Rhea cycled over 1.5 miles. Jonny loved going down the hills with his feet off the pedals. Zollie is settling in well and is part of the family already - hooray for male Au Pairs.

Helping Out

Jonny enjoys helping Gandy with Gillimot and putting the straw in his stable.

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Naughty Pansy Cat

Couldn't find Pansy the other day - eventually found her fast asleep in the half emptied tumble drier. Note to self - do not leave the drier half unloaded.

Guess These Might Be The Wrong Size

I bought Rhea a lovey new pair of tights - she really liked them and was eager to wear them to a party last week. Well I think perhaps they are a little on the big size - got my inches and cm's muddled up can't get on with foreign sizing - never mind a little something to grow into.

More Snow Pictures

Just a few more pictures.

Snow Pictures

Just a few pictures of the kids having a great time in the snow on Thursday.
Stewart stayed at home from work and helped them build a snowman. Zollie (new aupair) played for ages with the kids and pulled them around on the sledge - a good time was had by all. Shame it had to disappear so quick.

Aged Rock Chick

Dunc this picture is for you of me drumming. Thought you might like to see it.

Saturday, 10 February 2007

I'll give it a go

Well, I've decided to give this blog thing a go.