Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Going to give it another go

Think I will give this blog thing another go. Love it when I look back and see how the kids have grown anyway here is a picture of Jonny and what his sister did to him - yes they were permanent markers!!

Friday, 23 May 2008

Can't read this

Here is the copy of the census transcript. Many thanks for looking.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Clever Boy

Last weekend we were down at Selsey and Jonny was playing in his friend Jack's garden. I looked out of the window and low and behold he had got on Jacks old bike with no stabilisers and rode right across the garden - wow what a clever boy. Of course I didn't have my camera so I took these when we got back up to home. So proud of you Jonny. Yup he is wearing Rhea's riding hat couldn't find his bike helmet.

Today Mummy I'm Going to be a Cowboy

Happy Birthday Jonny

My baby was 4 on 12 September - among his presents was a log trailer and logs - he loved it and insisted on playing with it in his gooney before breakfast. He had a pirate party with his friends. Happy Birthday Jonny - I can't believe you are 4 now.

Back To School

All dressed up and finally back to school in September - so cute.

Lego Land

We had a lovely day out at Lego Land two days before the end of the summer holidays. We went with Edward and Charlie Cain and their Mummy and Aunty Val came to take Rhea on the big rides. I don't do roller coasters. I did brave it on the log flume - quite scary.

A New Kind of Pump

A brand new type of pump for blowing up your boat.

Take two children
Hold under the armpits or by hands
Lift up and down on foot pump
All pumped up


Gizmo my elderly cat takes it upon herself to sleep in funny places - a couple of weeks ago the fruit basket took a hit. Big cat little basket - oh well she was happy.

My Cute Boy

Just love these pictures of my lovely boy.

Just Add Water

My new toy for the new house - I treated myself to a sea going sit on kayak - it is such great fun - I chose the one with space for the fishing rod. I have since added a sail to the front of the kayak so I can tack in and out on the wind (that's a sailing term tee hee). I got it back in the summer - slight problem though - when I went to buy it I paid for it and then realised it wouldn't fit into the car - so what to do - no way was I going to line Mr Porsche's pockets with gold for a roof rack - luckily the man at the shop sent me down the road to buy some wood. He kindly strapped the wood and kayak on the roof. The kids thought it was great fun to be able to see it on top of the car from inside - promised the kids we would go out to lunch - much to their pleasure we had to go to McDonalds drive thru - yuk - no way was I going to park and leave my new toy on the roof.

It's a Boy Thing

I'm upstairs and hear Jonny shouting from downstairs

"Mummy, Mummy I'm stuck"

I rush to where the shouting is coming from - no sign of Jonny - then I see the bolster pillow wiggle on the floor - Yup you've guessed it Jonny had taken the pillow out of the cover then zipped himself inside the cover - but he couldn't undo it.

Well boys will be boys.

Our Summer

Just a few pictures of our summer, various of the kids surfing, fishing. This all took place on the beach (we call it our beach) in front of the house - its a long walk to the beach 10 - 15 seconds at most. Lucky us.

Friday, 5 October 2007

If You are a Mum - Watch This

You've got to watch this - what more can I say.

I'm Back

Well, I am finally back. Sorry to have not posted but life has been very hectic. 10 weeks summer holidays with the kids - great time despite the weather spent alot of time down at our new house on the beach - will post some pictures later. Last part of the holiday not great for me - done my back in - they think I have popped a disc - so I am staggering around like an old lady. Anyway - drugged up and having acupuncture so hoping that will help.

Will put up some photos to sum up the last couple of months and I will try and be a good blogger and get back into it.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

What An Idiot I Am

Well, this has got to be one of the more stupid things I have done lately. I decided to shut the garage door - my car was a bit close so I stood in front of my car and pulled down the door. Passed my boobs quite happily but then I had a technical hitch - the car was too close after all - so there I am stuck between the garage door and my car - no one around - felt a bit of an idiot. Couldn't move the door up or down. Lucky for me Rhea who had been put to bed was peeping out of her bedroom window - I managed to call her to get Zollie to rescue me. Obviously, it made Zollies week to see me pinned to the car - he thought it was so funny - lucky for me he reversed my car whilst laughing a great deal. Oh well that has to compete with being shut in the chicken shed a few months ago.

Cheerio Necklaces

We had great fun making cheerio necklaces before breakfast - needless to say they got eaten quite quickly.

All Was Quiet

It is not always good for there to be quiet when Jonny and Rhea are playing - well yesterday it did go a bit quiet - they were playing in the front garden - where was Jonny - pretending to sleep in the rabbit hutch. Rhea had locked him in at his request. Well if he every needs therapy for confined spaces we know where it started!!

Lifes a Beach

It was very exciting at last to get the house in Selsey. We have a bit of a trek to the beach it takes about 40 seconds to walk to the beach. It is lovely to go to sleep listening to the waves. A couple of pictures of the kids playing on the beach. Rhea loves to muck about on her boogie board - she really thinks she is surfing - don't worry I haven't put my wetsuit on don't want to be harpooned as I look like a whale. A big thankyou to Zollie and Csubi for helping to pack and unpack the lorry they were true stars - enjoy your beer boys.

On the Move

At last we completed on the new house in Sussex - so Stewart hired a huge lorry to transport all our furniture from our Isle of Wight house. The kids thought it was great fun and I had a sneaky drive of the lorry too - took me back to my army days.

If You Ever Need a Button

Well, I have this dark secret - on a Sunday morning I like to go to the local car boot to have a mooch about. Well the other week I spotted a huge dustbin bag of buttons - well I couldn't resist them for my scrapbookings stash. I just love buttons one of my earliest memories is digging in my grandma's button box. Well the kids love them and have been covering boxes in them.

Meeting Great Uncle Malcolm

One of my latest things to do is geneology. I have been tracing down my Father's maternal side. My grandmother who died before my parents got married was a McFarlane. Due to circumstances my widowed grandfather did not keep in contact with her side of the family. My Dad is an only child and so is my mum so I have never had any aunts or uncles. My Dad thought he had no living relatives on his mum's side as he had had no contact for 45 years. Well after a lot of investigation I unearthed Great Uncle Malcolm whom Dad and I telephoned - he is 85 year young - well a couple of weeks ago Dad and I drove up to Barnstable to meet him - I was so excited, Dad was a little nervous. Well we all got on like a house on fire. The first picture is GU Malcolm on his wedding day with my Great Grandparents on the left. The second is my dad and I GU Malcolm and his daughter. It was a very exciting day and we heard endless stories about Dads familly.

Odds and Ends

First day of the school holidays we had fun making real pizza dough - the kids loved it.

Jonny has a bit of a thing about wearing Zollie's wellies - good look Jonny.

Asked the kids to bring a couple of loo rolls down - even we don't get thru that many in one day!!

Fun with a Box

Zollie and Jonny had great fun making a helicopter out of some old boxes. Jonny spent ages playing in it - both of them even managed to get in together. Pansy our cat also slept in it every night.

Beached Whale Spotted in Hampshire

Well we did have some nice weather in June so I put up the pool for the kids - Rhea was desperate to go in so we all donned our wetsuits and went for a dip - yup the one on the left is not a beached whale - although difficult to tell the difference. Well can't say we have been in since.

I'm Back

Things have been very hectic and I have got out of the habit of doing my blog - but I am going to make a real effort and get updated. We have been on school holiday now for 3 weeks - feels longer - before we broke up Rhea and Jonny had their sports day (or fun day in Jonny's case) a couple of pics - Rhea even came 2nd in one race - that has to be a record for the Johnstons.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Jonny's in Trouble

Taken aside by one of Jonny's classmates mother. Jonny has been saying to his friend John what to say when anyone gets in their way

"Move out of the way you git goddamit"

Ooops - didn't get that one from me - must be daddy!

Luckly the mother saw the funny side of it - Jonny had already taught her son to say "for gods sake".

Hope I don't get dragged up in front of the headmaster - wouldn't be the first time.

Words were had with me when my delightful daughter did a moonie at someone in the playground because they would'nt let her join in. Can't wait until she is 16.

Having a Blonde Moment

Feel a bit of an idiot - when I telephoned to make Daphne's appointment for the vet I only dialled the wrong number and telephoned the doctors for a chicken appointment - daft or what - strange thing is it is easier to get an appointment for a chicken than a child??!!

Little update on Daphne - she had a jab and is now on two pills a day for 3 days - she looks so much better and is bobbling about like her old self.

PS How do you get a chicken to take a tablet?
Pop it in a piece of cheese - easy - so if you ever need to give a chicken a pill you know what to do.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Daphne a Bit Peeky

My beloved first chicken Daphne is a bit peeky - I am off to the vets with her this morning - I wonder whether the hot weather has upset her - last night she came and sat with me all evening - she loved having the cold fan on her and dozed off. Just hope she will be alright as she is a very special chicken to me. Zollie was a bit surprised when he came in to see a chicken in the house. Didn't enjoy my dinner last night as we had roast chicken - I told Daphne to look away when I took it out of the oven.

No Fear

Kids have had a great weekend playing on the new waterslide in the garden - they are both completley fearless and come down it backwards, forwards, sideways. Only wish I could go down it but I am touch too big for it.