Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Back from Holiday

Back from holiday will post over the next couple of days when I have got thru the washing mountain!!!

Listening to Rhea in the Car This Morning

Rhea was doing her normally chatting away on the drive to school this morning.

She suddendly piped up

"Not quite sure who my husband is going to be yet"

Talk about forward planning.

Conversation Between My Mum and I

Mum - "did you enjoy your drum lesson today?"

Me - "yeah great played Queen for the first time"

Mum - "Oh that has a nice drum roll at the end doesn't it"

Me - "What - no I didn't play God Save the Queen I meant rock band Queen"

Mum - "Oh"

Thought it was quite funny.

Sorry Freddie (Mercury)

Just feel I should put out an apology to the late Freddie Mercury - at my drum lesson yesterday I attempted my first Queen songs including Crazy Little Thing Called Love - lets just say I did my own interpretation in some places - anyway Simon my 22yr old rock dude drum teacher didn't fall off his seat too many times. I think the NHS should definetly put drumming on the NHS for stress release treament I felt really grumpy when I went in and came out with a big grin on my face - I love drumming even if I do get the giggles when I go wrong and have been known to say the odd naughty word when I can't get a groove to go right (thats a drumming term). Anyway thanks to Simon for all his patience with this old rock chick.

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Missing In Action

Silence is not always golden in the case of Master Jonny Johnston - but this time it was OK. He disappeared, but Rhea found him he had stolen a packet of rice cakes and gone "underground" to eat them. He was blissfully asleep under his bed clutching the rice cakes - he slept for over an hour - bumped his head when he woke up and didn't go to sleep until 9.30 that night.

Friday, 6 April 2007

Not Their Best Angle

Just two funny shots of Zoli and his best friend Chubby - they were mucking about with Rhea taking pictures - they are a breath of fresh air - so helpful, fun and feel part of the family - hooray for Male Au-Pairs.

Come Fly with me

Cruising at an altitude of 13 feet Jonny and Rhea proudly flew the plane, Zollie even had a go. Rhea informed us that we were on our way to Barbados - if only - we were having lunch in the Departure Lounge a great fun place to have a snack lunch with the kids. It is the fusilage of a ??plane the kids get to fly and then eat chips - sound like heaven to me.

PS Not sure the georgian style window in the cabin is original???!!!!

Trucker Boy

Jonny was very excited to be allowed in Guy's (the oil delivery man) lorry. He proudly climbed up and grabbed hold of the steering wheel - he even got to reverse out of the drive on Guy's lap - Jonny had a grin from ear to ear. Thanks Guy for making Jonny's week.

Going Self Sufficient

Well, we got outside in the fresh air and planted up the vegetable garden - we planted peas, beans, parsnips and carrots. Zollie kindly dug the garden over. Can't wait for it to all start coming up. Only need a cow now in the back garden and we could go self sufficient - only kidding

I'm A Groupie Now

I went on a fab scrap course last weekend - I had an excellent time - I had two lessons with Stacey Julian and one with Donna Downey - now I am a Donna Downey groupie - she was so friendly and really funny.