Wednesday, 28 March 2007


Rhea had been earning stickers from Zoli when she listens to him - finally she reached the magic number of 10 and was allowed to go ice skating for the first time - so the three of us headed off to Basingstoke - I worked out I hadn't been skating for 25 years - eek but glad to say "its like riding a bike" and I didn't do any spectacular falls. Zoltan of course looked very swish going backwards, forwards one leg etc (although he did have one big fall - not his fault the skate he said - yeah yeah). Anyway Rhea being Rhea wanted to do it all straight away - she would only let us help her for a couple of circuits then she insisted on doing it herself. We had a great time - lots of laughing - Zoltan even took me around for a fast skate. What a relief to take our skates off and get circulation back to our toes. As Rhea had been so good we decided to go for lunch at Le Golden Arches (McDonalds) - can't believe I had a big mac for my sunday lunch - the ice cream after was fabby though.

Gymnastics Competition

Rhea had her first Gymnastics Tumbling competition on Saturday. We arrived at the sports centre at 8.30 yes thats 8.30am on a Saturday morning. She did very well considering she has only being doing it one term. I was very proud of her. She got a certificate for taking part.

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Conversation between Rhea and Jonny

Shock horror I went out after dark yesterday - yup I do know how to turn the lights on on my car. I was invited to my friends Baby Shower - while I was getting ready I heard this conversation between Rhea and Jonny

"Where is Mummy going"

"To a baby party"

"Whats that"

"Oh Mummy is going to watch the baby being born"

"Oh OK"

Well you will be relieved to know that no baby was born we just played a few fun games - tasting baby food and guessing what it was - disgusting if you ask me.

Also name songs with baby in the title

My choice "How much is that baby in the window"

Thursday, 22 March 2007


My drumming lessons are going really well - can now drum along to Coldplay - Yellow and The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army.

Don't worry I am not going to release myself on the general public. This was a fun website I found out about - this will be the nearest I get to drumming in public.

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

UFO Spotted in Hampshire

An unidentified flying object was spotted in my fridge last night. Zollie bravely put his hand in the top of the fridge and extracted a moudly green and blue mass we examined it carefully but could not identify it. I think he was a bit shocked - I told him it was pencillin research. You know in the pursuit of science.

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Escape from Alcatraz oops I mean Chicken Shed

Forgot to post about this. The other week Jonny and I were out in the garden cleaning out my chickens. I have my own chicken shed next door to Peckingham Palace to store the food and straw in - anyway when Brian and I put the shed up I forgot to buy a latch for the door so I put on one that happened to be in the garage (you can only open from the outside) I guess you know where this is going - anyway I am shut in side by a freak gust of wind - I call Jonny over and we have a whole conversation about could he go inside and upstairs to Zollie and tell him to come and help Mummy. Jonny trots off good as gold and comes back about 5 minutes later to say "Zolie says no" At that point Jonny says goodbye and walks off. I call him back eventually and tell him to go inside again and up to Zolies room (its his time off) and tell him to come out. Another 5 minutes pass and Jonny is back in the garden happily playing - I can see thru the crack in the door. Eventually Jonny goes back up and pesters Zolie who thinks Jonny is just being a pain - I think he came down to see where I had gone and thought it was hysterical that I was stuck in the shed and he had told Jonny "no to leave him alone". I did feel a bit of an idiot screaming and shouting to be let out of a tiny shed - note to self must go and buy a proper latch.

Friday, 16 March 2007

Red Nose Day

Rhea proudly went off to school wearing mufti and her red nose - Jonny looked so cute wearing his. Lets hope the school raise alot of money for the cause.

Thursday, 15 March 2007

The Dreaded L*** Problem

Bit of a problem here today - my chickens have got a few uninvited visitors on them. I went to the animal feed mill and whispered that we had a few lice at which point the lady in the shop shouted over to her colleague on the other side of the shop asking which box did the louse powder get delivered in. Great so much for me being discreet. Anyway, Zollie kindly helped me to hold each one of the chaps and chapesses upside down for some rather undignified powdering. Anyway they all behaved very well and look quite ghostly - lets hope it cures them. Don't worry they won't move on to us - although I have had a bit of sympathy itching.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Meet my Chickens

Yes you read that right I am going to introduce you to my chickens. I have three hobbies scrapbooking, drumming and my lovely chickens. So let the introductions begin. Please someone leave some comments I would love to hear what you think. Enjoy.

My New Girls Annie and Clarabell

My two new girls have been with me just a week. Annie and Clarabell are Arucuna/Leghorns and should hopefully lay blue and green eggs. Bit of a false start with Clarabell though - first Clarabell turned out to be Clive and so had to be returned for Clarabell mark 2. Clarabell is the grey one. They are quite gamey looking but will fill out a bit and are going to have nice hairdos. They are settling in nicely and are getting used to the kids. I have them in an arc outside my study so I can see them when I am sitting at my desk. They do not have any favourite treats yet as they have never had them - but they are showing interest in corn on the cob. Can't wait for my first egg from them will post a picture of them if they are a groovy colour.

Beryl and Babs

Beryl is a little black pekin who just gets on with it. Babs is a Barby d'ucal and has lovely mutton chops (beard) which is ok for a girl chicken. They can stand their own even with the orpingtons. Lucky is the little white pekin who lost her mummy when she was a baby - Deliliah fostered her but is not very impressed now as Dave has been known to have a wandering eye towards Lucky.

Lennon and Polly

Lennon is one of my hand reared Polands. He is very regal and nearly falls over every times he crows because he puts so much energy into it. He loves to be picked up and cuddled and stroked. Regularly trips over things because of his hairdo. Lennon also loves pasta and greens. Polly is my other hand reared Poland she is a gently soul. She likes to be picked up too. She is always the last one back to Peckingham Palace (chicken house) as she has trouble seeing where she is going - she doesn't mind her feathers being trimmed for vision purposes. She likes pasta too.

Dave and Delilah

I got Dave and Delilah as a pair - but Dave has a bit of a problem with being monogomous. Dave is a showy little devil - very difficult to catch and talks endlessly. Whenever he is eating something he has to tell everyone about it. Deliliah is a great Mummy and has hatched several batches of chicks - she is very proud and does everything in her power to look after them. She fostered Lucky when her Mummy died. (Dave is named after my builder friend). They are white Pekin 9 so small chickens. Although Dave struts about like a 10ft tall chicken. He escaped a few weeks ago and the last thing I saw of him was him strolling up the road - I couldn't catch him as had to pick kids up - come dusk he strolled thru' the gates as bold as brass chatting away - lucky Mr Fox didn't spy him.

Daphne and Tullulah-Edna

Daphne is the first chicken I ever got over 2 years ago she is well mannered, likes a cuddle and has been saved from the brink several times (she is the Medowsweet Ranger (red)). Stewart saved her from the jaws of the fox after he killed Gladys. I then nursed her back to health - then we had a stuck egg problem - that took her breath away and she has also had a virus where she just sat in the kitchen in a box of straw watching everything going on. She is very special to me - she is great at coming in to clear up the kids food mess under the kitchen table - and has even sat on my lap in the evening wrapped in a towel (to dry her) watching the football. I did catch her going upstairs to have a look around - but Stewart made a bit of a fuss about that! Tullulah-Edna is a grand lady - she has airs and graces - does not like to be cuddled and keeps the others in check. Both Daphne and Tullulah-Edna will do backflips for corn on the cob and macoronni cheese.

Miss Muffy Moo

Muffy is my other Buff Orpington chicken - she is far more gentle than Buffy and has lovely big fluffy knickers. She likes cabbage and corn on the cob. She is quite shy but will stand her ground if need be. I am hoping there might be a bit of romance between her and Buffy - but I think he needs to polish up his manners a bit.

Master Buffy Boo

He is my Buff Orpington Cockerel I bred and hand reared - he is a great character - he chases everyone but me around the garden his favourite treats are corn on the cob and cake.

Monday, 12 March 2007

Hello to Zoli's Mother

A big hello to Zoli's Mother - you brought your son up well he is doing wonders with the house - he puts me to shame. We are looking after him and trying to fatten him up - he certainly eats alot. Anyway, look forward to meeting you in the summer. Love Shauna


Szia Edesanya! Mindenfele jokat irt a gazdam itt folottem.:) Fordittasd le valakivel! Puszillak!

Look Away if of a Nervous Disposition

What is it about boys and clothes!! I know it was a lovely sunny day yesterday - not exactly tropical though. Yesterday Jonny was on the trampoline - the time it took me to go upstairs and fetch Rhea's jeans Jonny stripped off and was bouncing around to his hearts content. Think this picture is certainly one to save for his future wife for on their wedding day!! Jonny you will love me for this but you did look cute and were having the time of your life - I know Daddy is Scottish and the thing about nothing worn under the kilt - but you can wear clothes on the trampoline it is allowed!!!

A Peck of Dirt

Well after watching some steam and diesel trains we had our picnic overlooking the station - good thing I'm not worried about a bit of dirt both the childrens hands were black with smuts from the steam trains - you know what they say got to eat a peck of dirt before you die - think Rhea and Jonny are on to their third or fourth peck!!

Jonny Spots James

Jonny got very excited when he spotted James No 5 engine from Thomas the Tank Engine (I myself hate those stories as I think all the trains are so bad tempered and rude). Anyway, they insisted on having their pictures taken with James.

Picnic at Ropley

As Stewart had gone away on Saturday night I decided to take the children and Zollie to see the trains at Ropley - so we packed up a picnic collected Frankie and went to watch the trains.

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Big Clearout

Well we went down to the IOW and did the packing - Stewart kindly went down there on Wednesday to oversee the movers and do the last clean - I meanwhile stayed at home and Uncle Brian, Aunty Val, Zollie and I gave the garage a huge cleanout (Rhea was once heard to say "what are garages for Mummy? Can some people really get a car in there?") We were getting on quite well even though I was getting picked on by everyone - then Zollie's friend Chubba turned up and helped too. Jonny was a little star and just kept wandering amoungst all the treasures ok junk and picking out long lost junky toys and proclaiming it was his favourtie. Well after a lot of work - a few exciting moments when mice jumped out - we finally put some order back into the garage. Dunc I have posted a picture of the cleared garage and the pile to go to the tip. I have been very good and have not rescued anything off the tip pile under the cover of darkness - well not what I will admit to. Anyway the furniture arrived safetly on Thursday so now the garage is full again - but this time in an orderly fashion - now I've got the best bit of finding a cottage to put it all in. New Forest brace yourself the Johnstons are on their way.

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

It Didn't Poison Us!!

After making all the pasta the other week we ate it and very delicious it was - of course we had to suck it up - no cutting allowed for homemade pasta.

Up Up and Away

We decided to take a break from the packing and go the children's and our favourite lunch venue - Sandown Airport. We all love it because you can eat delicious real meat hamburgers and watch little planes pop up and down. Well no planes on Saturday but a few helicopters (Jonny's favourite - he has been able to identify a shunook (don't know how to spell) since he could point). As we were having lunch a couple came in and Rhea and Jonny zoomed outside to watch. On the table next to us was a gentleman and his three boys - he saw Rhea and Jonny's faces when they spotted a helicopter and said they could have a sit in his after lunch. They were both very excited. So after lunch they pile in and he says would they like to go for a little whoosh (don't know the technical term) down the airport. Zollie and Stewart pile in and they all go for a whizz around the airport before setting down at the petrol station. Their faces were a piciture - such a kind chap - both Zollie and Stewart were grinning from ear to ear too. Me I got stuck with the three boys - never mind.

Last Visit to the Isle of Wight

After having had a house by the sea in Ventnor we have decided to sell the house as we never get a chance to go there always some childrens party or something on. Anyway, we had to go down there this weekend to pack up. Zollie kindly took the children to the beach - looks like they had a great time. Rhea had just a few pints of water in each boot. I will miss the Island but things change and time for a change for us - my next project is to find a house in the New Forest so my friends will come and visit me in the school holidays as no expensive ferry journey involved. I am insistant that I want to be in the Forest so ponies, cows and piggies can wander into the garden or hang over the fence. I will start my search next week.

Pancake Fun

We had a little pancake party to celebrate Pancake Day we were joined by Edward and Charlie Caine together with George, Edward and Beatrice - Zollie was in charge of the pancake flipping - and a good flipper he was too. Gandy also came to help out and do a bit of flipping. We all ate lots of yummy pancakes.