Sunday, 11 March 2007

Big Clearout

Well we went down to the IOW and did the packing - Stewart kindly went down there on Wednesday to oversee the movers and do the last clean - I meanwhile stayed at home and Uncle Brian, Aunty Val, Zollie and I gave the garage a huge cleanout (Rhea was once heard to say "what are garages for Mummy? Can some people really get a car in there?") We were getting on quite well even though I was getting picked on by everyone - then Zollie's friend Chubba turned up and helped too. Jonny was a little star and just kept wandering amoungst all the treasures ok junk and picking out long lost junky toys and proclaiming it was his favourtie. Well after a lot of work - a few exciting moments when mice jumped out - we finally put some order back into the garage. Dunc I have posted a picture of the cleared garage and the pile to go to the tip. I have been very good and have not rescued anything off the tip pile under the cover of darkness - well not what I will admit to. Anyway the furniture arrived safetly on Thursday so now the garage is full again - but this time in an orderly fashion - now I've got the best bit of finding a cottage to put it all in. New Forest brace yourself the Johnstons are on their way.

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