Saturday, 24 March 2007

Conversation between Rhea and Jonny

Shock horror I went out after dark yesterday - yup I do know how to turn the lights on on my car. I was invited to my friends Baby Shower - while I was getting ready I heard this conversation between Rhea and Jonny

"Where is Mummy going"

"To a baby party"

"Whats that"

"Oh Mummy is going to watch the baby being born"

"Oh OK"

Well you will be relieved to know that no baby was born we just played a few fun games - tasting baby food and guessing what it was - disgusting if you ask me.

Also name songs with baby in the title

My choice "How much is that baby in the window"

1 comment:

SWH said...

Baby Shower------
Yankee rubbish speak
translates as
"the wean has lost its nappy"