Thursday, 15 March 2007

The Dreaded L*** Problem

Bit of a problem here today - my chickens have got a few uninvited visitors on them. I went to the animal feed mill and whispered that we had a few lice at which point the lady in the shop shouted over to her colleague on the other side of the shop asking which box did the louse powder get delivered in. Great so much for me being discreet. Anyway, Zollie kindly helped me to hold each one of the chaps and chapesses upside down for some rather undignified powdering. Anyway they all behaved very well and look quite ghostly - lets hope it cures them. Don't worry they won't move on to us - although I have had a bit of sympathy itching.

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Scots wha hae said...

ha1whaur ye gaun ye crawlin ferlie
your impudence protects you sairly

quote from to a louse by
Robert Burns