Tuesday, 13 March 2007

My New Girls Annie and Clarabell

My two new girls have been with me just a week. Annie and Clarabell are Arucuna/Leghorns and should hopefully lay blue and green eggs. Bit of a false start with Clarabell though - first Clarabell turned out to be Clive and so had to be returned for Clarabell mark 2. Clarabell is the grey one. They are quite gamey looking but will fill out a bit and are going to have nice hairdos. They are settling in nicely and are getting used to the kids. I have them in an arc outside my study so I can see them when I am sitting at my desk. They do not have any favourite treats yet as they have never had them - but they are showing interest in corn on the cob. Can't wait for my first egg from them will post a picture of them if they are a groovy colour.

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