Friday, 6 April 2007

I'm A Groupie Now

I went on a fab scrap course last weekend - I had an excellent time - I had two lessons with Stacey Julian and one with Donna Downey - now I am a Donna Downey groupie - she was so friendly and really funny.


Claire said...

Soo - where are the LOs and stuff you made??!!
Can't wait to hear all about it, can I bagsie a seat next to you at the next crop??!!
I'll be a Shauna groupie!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel Saunders said...

saw you on donna blog...bring the stuff you did to the next crop so we can all have a look!!

Anonymous said...

Aha...........I found it.I hadn't scrolled down far enough.
Great to see you today.

Bridget x