Thursday, 7 June 2007

Its a Cat Thing - Giving Presents

Well the night before last I was blissfully asleep about 4am I could feel Pansy my cat jumping around on my duvet I then realised she was jumping after something - well I woke up put the light on and low and behold she had brought a mouse on to the bed and was happily pouncing on it - great just the way you need to woken up - so I quickly caught the mouse and set it free out the front door. Thanks Pansy for that - good thing I don't mind mice. Anyway, I get up the next morning and she has kindly laid out a dead mouse on the floor on my side of the bed - thanks Pansy for that present. I know it is my birthday coming up but I don't want anything small and furry!!! I have figured out how she keeps opening the door to come upstairs in the night - the catch on the door does not click in unless you really pull it hard - so from now on that door is going to be firmly shut.


Anonymous said...

Must be the time of cat Alfie,decided to bring me a mouse AND a baby rabbit, both decapitated! HMMMMMM NICE!
I had the mouse on the doorstep and nearly stood on it,the bunny was strewn in little pieces across my back lawn! I don't want to know what happened to the pieces that weren't there!
See ya Saturday
Bridget x

Claire said...

Definatley the time of year... we have had the tail end of not 1, not 2, but 3 mice this week all at the bottom of the stairs, just where you'd put you foot sleepy coming down in the morning!
This is the one thing I hate about having a cat, but at least we know she loves us!!
She you girlies tomorrow!!