Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Jonny's in Trouble

Taken aside by one of Jonny's classmates mother. Jonny has been saying to his friend John what to say when anyone gets in their way

"Move out of the way you git goddamit"

Ooops - didn't get that one from me - must be daddy!

Luckly the mother saw the funny side of it - Jonny had already taught her son to say "for gods sake".

Hope I don't get dragged up in front of the headmaster - wouldn't be the first time.

Words were had with me when my delightful daughter did a moonie at someone in the playground because they would'nt let her join in. Can't wait until she is 16.


Anonymous said...

I love it, don't they always say things like that, just when you really wish they wouldn't.

Did you mamnge to speak to the man with the Aracunas? Karen has a broody hen so could try some eggs if he had any spare?

Mail me.
Thank sweetie
Bridget x

Claire said...

Excellent! How deep did you want that hole to be??

Rachel Saunders said...

oops! children have a habit of showing us up when we least want to be!!!