Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Meeting Great Uncle Malcolm

One of my latest things to do is geneology. I have been tracing down my Father's maternal side. My grandmother who died before my parents got married was a McFarlane. Due to circumstances my widowed grandfather did not keep in contact with her side of the family. My Dad is an only child and so is my mum so I have never had any aunts or uncles. My Dad thought he had no living relatives on his mum's side as he had had no contact for 45 years. Well after a lot of investigation I unearthed Great Uncle Malcolm whom Dad and I telephoned - he is 85 year young - well a couple of weeks ago Dad and I drove up to Barnstable to meet him - I was so excited, Dad was a little nervous. Well we all got on like a house on fire. The first picture is GU Malcolm on his wedding day with my Great Grandparents on the left. The second is my dad and I GU Malcolm and his daughter. It was a very exciting day and we heard endless stories about Dads familly.

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