Wednesday, 25 July 2007

What An Idiot I Am

Well, this has got to be one of the more stupid things I have done lately. I decided to shut the garage door - my car was a bit close so I stood in front of my car and pulled down the door. Passed my boobs quite happily but then I had a technical hitch - the car was too close after all - so there I am stuck between the garage door and my car - no one around - felt a bit of an idiot. Couldn't move the door up or down. Lucky for me Rhea who had been put to bed was peeping out of her bedroom window - I managed to call her to get Zollie to rescue me. Obviously, it made Zollies week to see me pinned to the car - he thought it was so funny - lucky for me he reversed my car whilst laughing a great deal. Oh well that has to compete with being shut in the chicken shed a few months ago.


Claire said...

Lovely to have you back! Missed all your stories and seeing what you've been up to.

Anonymous said...

hiya stranger,glad to see you back online!!

See you soon
Bridget x

Anonymous said...

Stuck in the garage - you Muppet!

Hope you've enjoyed the Summer & new house was a success

See you soon?
Chris x