Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Just Add Water

My new toy for the new house - I treated myself to a sea going sit on kayak - it is such great fun - I chose the one with space for the fishing rod. I have since added a sail to the front of the kayak so I can tack in and out on the wind (that's a sailing term tee hee). I got it back in the summer - slight problem though - when I went to buy it I paid for it and then realised it wouldn't fit into the car - so what to do - no way was I going to line Mr Porsche's pockets with gold for a roof rack - luckily the man at the shop sent me down the road to buy some wood. He kindly strapped the wood and kayak on the roof. The kids thought it was great fun to be able to see it on top of the car from inside - promised the kids we would go out to lunch - much to their pleasure we had to go to McDonalds drive thru - yuk - no way was I going to park and leave my new toy on the roof.

1 comment:

whs said...

kayak for sale or rent
sailors should be slightly bent
pointed both fore and aft
helps if you are slightly daft
looks good on the car
dont go to sea too far
no focsle for the crew
lonliness may make you blue
dont offer Dunc a shot
keeping dry is his bloody lot