Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Dave and Delilah

I got Dave and Delilah as a pair - but Dave has a bit of a problem with being monogomous. Dave is a showy little devil - very difficult to catch and talks endlessly. Whenever he is eating something he has to tell everyone about it. Deliliah is a great Mummy and has hatched several batches of chicks - she is very proud and does everything in her power to look after them. She fostered Lucky when her Mummy died. (Dave is named after my builder friend). They are white Pekin 9 so small chickens. Although Dave struts about like a 10ft tall chicken. He escaped a few weeks ago and the last thing I saw of him was him strolling up the road - I couldn't catch him as had to pick kids up - come dusk he strolled thru' the gates as bold as brass chatting away - lucky Mr Fox didn't spy him.

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