Monday, 12 March 2007

Hello to Zoli's Mother

A big hello to Zoli's Mother - you brought your son up well he is doing wonders with the house - he puts me to shame. We are looking after him and trying to fatten him up - he certainly eats alot. Anyway, look forward to meeting you in the summer. Love Shauna


Szia Edesanya! Mindenfele jokat irt a gazdam itt folottem.:) Fordittasd le valakivel! Puszillak!

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Viktória said...

Dear Shauna!

Zoli is the best person, you could ever pick for that job! He is lovely with kids,doing great job aroun the house and You should see His garden is Szarvas...belive me, it's beautiful!I hope, once You let Him come home! :)
Beside, I think He is lucky too, because it's seems like, that the loveliest Family picked Him!:)