Monday, 12 March 2007

Look Away if of a Nervous Disposition

What is it about boys and clothes!! I know it was a lovely sunny day yesterday - not exactly tropical though. Yesterday Jonny was on the trampoline - the time it took me to go upstairs and fetch Rhea's jeans Jonny stripped off and was bouncing around to his hearts content. Think this picture is certainly one to save for his future wife for on their wedding day!! Jonny you will love me for this but you did look cute and were having the time of your life - I know Daddy is Scottish and the thing about nothing worn under the kilt - but you can wear clothes on the trampoline it is allowed!!!


Scots Wha Hae said...

the boy stood on the trampolene
and pulled his trewsers o'er his een

Anonymous said...

I love this picture...I have a similar one of Joe in the his sandpit..Venus in the shell and a whole set of Daniel as @the naked gardener'!!!
I too am saving them for when he gets married or even an 18th ha ha ha
Bridget x