Wednesday, 28 March 2007


Rhea had been earning stickers from Zoli when she listens to him - finally she reached the magic number of 10 and was allowed to go ice skating for the first time - so the three of us headed off to Basingstoke - I worked out I hadn't been skating for 25 years - eek but glad to say "its like riding a bike" and I didn't do any spectacular falls. Zoltan of course looked very swish going backwards, forwards one leg etc (although he did have one big fall - not his fault the skate he said - yeah yeah). Anyway Rhea being Rhea wanted to do it all straight away - she would only let us help her for a couple of circuits then she insisted on doing it herself. We had a great time - lots of laughing - Zoltan even took me around for a fast skate. What a relief to take our skates off and get circulation back to our toes. As Rhea had been so good we decided to go for lunch at Le Golden Arches (McDonalds) - can't believe I had a big mac for my sunday lunch - the ice cream after was fabby though.

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SWH said...

Watch out ==Torvill and Dean!