Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Last Visit to the Isle of Wight

After having had a house by the sea in Ventnor we have decided to sell the house as we never get a chance to go there always some childrens party or something on. Anyway, we had to go down there this weekend to pack up. Zollie kindly took the children to the beach - looks like they had a great time. Rhea had just a few pints of water in each boot. I will miss the Island but things change and time for a change for us - my next project is to find a house in the New Forest so my friends will come and visit me in the school holidays as no expensive ferry journey involved. I am insistant that I want to be in the Forest so ponies, cows and piggies can wander into the garden or hang over the fence. I will start my search next week.

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