Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Up Up and Away

We decided to take a break from the packing and go the children's and our favourite lunch venue - Sandown Airport. We all love it because you can eat delicious real meat hamburgers and watch little planes pop up and down. Well no planes on Saturday but a few helicopters (Jonny's favourite - he has been able to identify a shunook (don't know how to spell) since he could point). As we were having lunch a couple came in and Rhea and Jonny zoomed outside to watch. On the table next to us was a gentleman and his three boys - he saw Rhea and Jonny's faces when they spotted a helicopter and said they could have a sit in his after lunch. They were both very excited. So after lunch they pile in and he says would they like to go for a little whoosh (don't know the technical term) down the airport. Zollie and Stewart pile in and they all go for a whizz around the airport before setting down at the petrol station. Their faces were a piciture - such a kind chap - both Zollie and Stewart were grinning from ear to ear too. Me I got stuck with the three boys - never mind.

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