Saturday, 19 May 2007

Camping - Why?

I just don't get camping - I live in a very nice house with hot and cold running water - why would I want to commune with nature, get smelly and have a very uncomfortable nights sleep - its beyond me - nevertheless the children think it is great fun so Daddy got the tent out, sleeping bags, midnight snacks - trekked for hours into the deepest part of the forest - battled with wild animals and finally pitched the tent in the back garden. After a lot of chatting, giggling, laughing I could hear snoring - yes Daddy was asleep (7.30pm) the children were still wide awake - eventually they all went off to sleep - they spent a happy (uncomfortable) night in the tent - I could hear Stewart snoring all night - but I think Rhea took over the job of kicking Daddy.

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Anonymous said...

I second your feelings on camping...if the kids want to do it...send dad!!

Bridget x