Monday, 21 May 2007

A Casual Conversation over Dinner Tonight

Zollie, Rhea, Jonny and I were sitting having dinner tonight when Rhea piped up in a very authoritive voice

"I know how babies are made"

"Oh" I said

"Yes Mummy you have to have no clothes on and then you have a baby".

Well there you go - didn't know that. Thanks Paloma for telling Rhea about that I can't believe at 6 years old they are discussing this.


Anonymous said...

Try this one then...whilst driving home from school a while ago.
Youngest son-Was I in your tummy like Archie(best friends new baby)Me-yes you were
Y.S-how did I get in there?
Eldest son butts in before I can answer with.....- Well, Daddys sperm fertilised mummys egg and you were made and then when you were ready you came out of a special hole in mummys tummy!
Me-trying to drive the car sensibly -Thats right Joe?!(well what else could I say?)
Y.S - Oh! You should have seen the look on his face...bemused and puzzled.
Maybe giving him the book on 'How will I grow' wasn't a good thing?
But he was asking..........

B xx

SWH said...

home from holiday to find that the cat has left two naked women
one in the kitchen and ome in the broom cupboard
one has eaten all the steak the other has made a clean sweep.
is this contraception as you know it??